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If you are an Event Planner, Private Company, or Professional Convention Site Specialist (Management) looking to provide an attended audience with a special brand of entertainment, – contact ARNETT & ASSOCIATES for rates.

And by the way…

The Performance:  Each historical characterization is performed in costume and is approximately 30  to 40 minutes in length. Folktales and all non-historical characterization Tellings are approximately 50 minutes in length.
The Space: A stage is never required.  Any room is suitable for all programs, although each requires a certain amount of space for the performance and several set pieces, provided by the actress.  A platform, if available, increases the viewing pleasure of the audience, especially for large groups.
The Options: Q/A in character and/or out of character is always welcome. 
Travel: Available to travel New England area.  (Special Events outside of New England)
Fees:  Call for information.  Generally, there is a flat rate, which includes performances and travel within the New England area.
When driving to far-reaching performances sites, a mileage rate will be added to the performance fee; for greater distances, air fare and airport transportation costs will need to be added.  In both cases, hotel accommodations may need to be made for one to two nights.  Arrangements may be made by the sponsoring organization, or I can make the arrangements and the sponsor will reimburse the expenses, along with the performance fee.