" Rhetoric of Survival performances of Ruth, Sarah, Hagar and Harriet Tubman, broadens the audience’s insight into the inspirational heroism, perseverance and individual willpower of women of color. The performance is an enrichment program, with a vital and important educational method - it explores the formation of the history of civil rights and challenges each person to consider other perspectives in an effort to understand instead of judge. The performance personalizes history and creates a greater sense of empathy and emotion. Seeing and hearing the words from a character who lived during the actual time period creates an emotional impact that is not otherwise experienced. The performances encourages multi-sensory learning, creative problem solving, and fosters understanding of differing perspectives and the application of the past to the future."

The 30 to 45 minute Living History programs are suited for diverse audiences: adults, families, senior citizens and students’s eleven to eighteen.

"This program connects very powerfully to student audiences and completely draws them in., " stated Mary Muller/Coordinator of T/O Programs

"Gwendolyn's re-enactment was compelling for its aura of authenticity. We believe that her insistence on verifying the facts through her own research of primary sources contributed to her ability to recreate the era so effectively. She was an arresting presence in her period gown as she took us to the time and let us be witness to the events.," - Vivian Papson, Program Chairperson NCURHA